1 Necklace-Bracelet

Description of Flower Pieces (Solid or Clear)

1. Solid beads

a. Solid Colored beads - are your flower petals combined with a bead forming mixture. You may choose a color other than the color of your flowers & you will still be able to see small pieces of the petals in the bead.  You may want to match a color that you like to wear instead of the color of the flowers. We can match most any color.

b. Solid Natural beads - are your flower petals combined with a bead mixture that has no color. You may be able to see more of the flowers in their natural colors if you choose this type.

2. Clear Beads

a. Clear Beads - the flowers in their natural color are very visible and will turn out the color of your dried flowers.



Please include lengths of all necklaces and bracelets on your order form.

a. Necklaces - are usually 14 inches for children and 16, 18, 20, 24 inches for adults (Add 2.00 per inch for anything 20” or above).

b. Bracelets - Measure the exact size of your wrist & we will determine the bracelet size. Children will average between 5 and 6 inches.  Adults will average between  7 & 8 inches.  

c. Rings - all of our rings are adjustable.

d. Earrings - can be made as hoops, fish hooks, lever backs, threaders, posts, or clips.


Engraving on Charms or Backers

Be sure to include the information to be engraved written out clearly & double check spellings and dates.

1. Charms - can be added to most any item, even if it is not shown for an additional $10.00.

2. Backer – is a metal piece (generally round) to attach to back of an item and therefore can only be engraved on one side for an additional $10.00.

Basic inscription (as priced on brochures) includes approx. 20 letters or numbers.

Charms & Backers - inscription may be limited to a one word name or nick name for better visibility.

Additional Engraving - on the back side of charms, knives & etc. will be an additional chg. of $5.oo



Sterling Silver items- are made with sterling silver components, Swarovski crystals/pearls, and fresh water pearls.

Alternative items -are made with pewter, copper, antiqued bronze, silver plated or silver filled, imitation crystals or pearls.


The flower bead designs that are pictured are just examples of our designs. Each order is custom and each item is unique. Caps, toggles, engravables, and chains will vary due to availability. We do honor your request if you have one for a specific component, however we reserve the right to build the order in the best quality that we can. All orders are done using your flowers that you send to us. Colors vary from order to order (meaning that all color flowers do not always turn out exactly the same). Estimated time for a completed order is 3-6 weeks from the time we receive your flowers and after at least ½ of the total purchase is received.  If you need a rush order there will be an additional 20% fee. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.