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Klassic’s Memorial Jewelry Information page


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry that can be handed down for generations to come.  Whether your flowers are from a Wedding, Anniversary, High School Prom, Your Loved Ones memorial services, your Grandmother’s favorite bush or flower garden or even flowers that you may have had for years we can create a heirloom that will help you treasure your memories for a lifetime. Below we have listed the steps needed to begin and complete your memorial flower order.


Important-Please read before ordering

Please be advised the memorial pieces you receive should be handled with care. Each piece is made with your flowers and they are very delicate. Key rings, knives, bracelets, etc. that are tossed around like any other general retail purchase will wear and can become loose or dis-engaged. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings will hold better if kept out of water. Most of the pieces can be cleaned with sterling silver cleaning cloths.


Preparing Flowers 

A. Do not put them in water or store in refrigerator/freezer except flowers being ordered as paper weights.

B. For paper weights, leave the flowers in water and send to Klassic’s within a couple of days. When possible, send one extra flower for            each weight ordered.

C. For all other items, leave in a vase until dry. Once they are fully dry you can put them in a paper bag.


How to ship or bring flowers

A. If you are going to mail in the flowers, make sure they are left out of water for a few days or longer (they need to be completely dry).

B. Please wrap them loosely in paper-NOT PLASTIC-and put in an envelope or box.

C. Include the deceased name (if it applies), your name, the address to ship back to, any phone numbers that we need to contact you (home, work, cell) and an email address if available.



50% of the total order must be paid before your order can be processed. The balance must be paid before the order is shipped or when you come to pick it up. We prefer cash or check, but also except Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. If special payment arrangements are needed, please call or email us at [email protected]